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Adult Treatment

Beautiful, healthy smiles are possible for almost anyone. From age 7 to age 70, the biological process of tooth movement is the same in adults and children. In fact, it’s the condition of a person’s teeth, gums and supporting bone that is the most important element in deciding whether or not to begin treatment. As the science of orthodontics has developed smaller wires and more “invisible” braces, many adults who did not have braces as children are now taking advantage of improving their own smile. Whether you are considering orthodontic care to enhance your appearance, or to correct a poor bite that has contributed to dental problems, we’d love to talk with you about the benefits of adult orthodontics.

Common Problems Include:
  1. Crowding
  2. Missing Teeth
  3. Deep Bite
  4. Open Bite
  5. Class II
  6. Class III
  7. Post Crossbite
  8. Periodontal issues
  9. Pre-prosthetic orthodontics
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